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Well, it could just be Australia has a different type
of RLS, just kidding, :) Actually, considering all the research I've done on RLS due to the the many sleepless nights I've had due to this frustrating aliment. It has been described in several different manners and I have admit I myself have felt the creepy crawly feeling as well as my muscles feeling like they're on the verge crapping. Yes, when I'm sitting/laying the only momentary relief I can get is to stretch and flex, if I don't my leg/legs involuntarily jump... Otherwise I have to get up and walk, stretch etc. I've been on several meds
some have worked for a while and some didn't work at
all. Currently I'm on Neurontin which for the time
being is helping. Maybe the following site can help you understand more about RLS. [url=""][/url]
Best Wishes and Happy Holidays

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