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Hello, thank you for reading this.
I have just recently undergone arthroscopic surgery, which I thought would alleviate a lot of the problems I am having. I apparently had an old medial meniscus tear in my knee, its been a month since the surgery.
My doc and physical therapist think something is wrong neurologically. I will see a neurologist Monday but would like to have some input before then.
I have calf pain, but its not tight or hard. My calf muscles have atrophied (spelling?) and are actually softer than my normal leg. My 4 toes spasm at all hours of the day, I cannot control this and it gets worse throughout the day. Toe spasms are better in the morning. I am best when standing and worse while sitting in regards to calf pain. My sleep patterns are o.k.
I have a superficial blood clot but am sure that it is not causing these problems.
Any help, any comments would be muchly appreciated :)

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