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ladybud I feel your pain. My legs hurt every day all day. I'm sorry that I don't have a cure for you, wish I did. I am currently taking Mirapex 4x day. I also take Gabapentin for diabetic neuropathy, in addition to several other drugs. For some time the Mirapex did help. Now it's just marginal, if at all. That's the problem with the meds that actually help RLS. They say that they work for a while and then stop helping. You change meds and it helps for while...etc. The most scary thing to me is that the older you get, the more RLS progresses. Maybe after we've gone through all the meds, we can start over from the beginning and the first one will help again. I would write more but my legs are killing me. I have to go stretch out. I, too, am desperate to get my RLS under control. Good Luck!!!

A fellow sufferer.
Since I last posted, I've had a sleep study (which I detest). However, I am committed to using the CPAP once again hoping this time I can tolerate it. The doctor 'reading' the sleep study wrote that he believes the use of the CPAP will 'cure' the RLS. I have no faith in that assessment. I wish, though, it to be true. Also, the sleep study specialist that ordered the sleep study also says she believes that RLS will be 'cured' with the CPAP.

I have had RLS since I was a child. My Dad had it, I have 3 brothers that also have it. Why on earth would I believe that use of a CPAP would cure me? None of them use a CPAP, I realize, but I guess I will believe it when I see it (or feel it, rather). I've been disappointed in my doctors for some time. I'm beginning to think none of us will ever find a doctor that will LISTEN and BELIEVE us.:rolleyes:

Wishing everyone the best.
I wouldn't hold your breath (ha, ha) as I AM on CPAP for apnea and still have RLS. Maybe you can hope it will be less severe, but I wouldn't expect a cure!
Just one more opinion, have had rls, i think, most of my life. I can remember laying in bed as a youngster feeling like I needed to roll over so my legs would feel better. Those feelings came & went over the years. Finally it got to where my wife would wake me up because my legs were moving, even though I was asleep, and taking some aspirin usually helped, some. When I was diagnosed my doctor put me on requip, eventually switching to Ropinirole(generic form). As someone else stated, I take all night time meds at 9pm & it usually takes 45 min to an hour or so, depending on how much food is in my stomach. If I have eaten a large meal, I know it will take longer to activate.
As others have stated also I noticed that sugars & alcohol are not friendly to RLS at all as well as how much food is in my system/bladder. (my doctor took me off alcohol all together so no worries there)Doc also took me off starches, anything white, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta etc. This seemed to help some as well as with weight control. Best wishes in controlling this tiresome condition. Hopefully one day there will be a cure.

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