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About a month ago I started getting bad leg cramps every night- especially in shins and ankles. It affected the nerves and it was extremely painful. I also would get RLS, that sensation of ants under the skin or muscle spasms and sometimes the spasms would trigger a cramp. I was given Xanax, which has helped a ton (only to take before bed time which I do) And I also take Hylands leg cramps Pm. Those work (I think) because I haven't woken up in pain with any toe or leg cramps. I stretch good and I also apply heat to my calves and shins every night- just lay a heating pad on them while watching tv. Some evenings I also drink tonic water mixed with OJ. AND I fell for the whole bar of soap at the foot of the bed thing- I have a bar of soap under the sheet at the foot of the bed. That is how desperate I was!! But oil of olay has magnesium in it which helps with muscles. I also take a high potency magnesium in the evening with a Calcium and D3 vitamin.

I found out I am anemic a week ago- been taking a lot of iron supplements, which could help with all of this. But the RLS is still there at night-- just that spasm type sensation- doesn't hurt but comes and goes. But I have been sleeping much better since the Xanax.
I also clench my teeth pretty bad too, waiting on a custom guard from my dentist. My doc said the Xanax will help with that. I am too afraid to not take anything now- waking up with leg cramps is so painful for me that I panic and my heart races and I sweat... it's crazy

June- PRAISE GOD!! Yes, to Him be the Glory- I pray all the time He would take away my anxiety, I think my anxiety comes from the physical pain and not the other way around.

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