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... I have tried Amitriptyline for a long time now and have fibromyalgia which is what they origanally gave it to me for.... But my RSL is awful ... ... (18 replies)
... Hi , I also have joint pain.....I was trying to go off the Amitriptyline and havent had it in a few days, was trying the magnesium instead. But I was hurting last night and Am right now as well even with muscle relaxers and 3 ibuprohen . ... (18 replies)
... a body's supply of mg if the deficiency is don't give up! I'm assuming you've got your docs "blessing" to healthy people the excess magnesium is excreted daily...but if there are health problems, some people could possibly build up toxic levels of this mineral. ... (18 replies)

... In the meantime magnesium may help your nervous system but there are some conditions... ... (18 replies)
... (18 replies)
... the last drug simulated parkinsons disease and i had to go an er. then i started taking magnesium with my calcium 2 x a day am and pm. ... (18 replies)
... found that fibromyalgia is more common among the siblings, parents and children of those who have fibromyalgia than in the general population. I not sure if the Amitriptyline would really help me if it was that ... ... (18 replies)
... Bethsheba, RLS does present itself in the arms, back, shoulders, hands, ribs, etc. It is theoretically possible to present anywhere there are nerves and muscles. (18 replies)
... idays coming and am sitting here wanting to rip my legs and back off. I just found this message board today in a desperate attempt to fix this. I will be trying Magnesium tomorrow! I have only recently been diagnosed with fibro when I went to a Rheum for arthritis. He knew immediately what was going on. ... (18 replies)
... ntinue to put floride in our water they know it is dangerous !! Among all the other things in it ....I know that my RSL has been somehwat better since taking the Magnesium ....not gone I can still feel it but it didnt advance like it does alot so bad that I kept waking up ...which is awsome since I normally would ! ... (18 replies)
... What you are describing is not restless leg is something else. Although magnesium may alleviate your symptoms, it is not going to solve your problem. ... (18 replies)
... Hey I have been having that for a few days now.I also have Fibro I am thinking it has something to do with that..It is a awful feeling to..You cant stay still long enough to get to sleep half the time..I never had restless leg its self,and now I have restless I am also 31 weeks pregnant so I already cant sleep so this stuff is really messing me up..I hope we can both... (18 replies)
... Yehhhh, :blob_fire:!!!! I hope that trend continues!!!:angel: Yes, definitely check with your doctor but do read the Lyme Boards before you see him/her. Few doctors have the knowledge and experience to diagnose lyme. And even if they do, they can make mistakes (I have what I would consider to be a wonderful sleep specialist who missed the obvious when addressing my... (18 replies)
... Thanks Blink54 Ill have to check it out ! (18 replies)
... no problem ...yes it seems they are ocming up with more new things everyday .... I have been pain free so far this morning ...thank God !! Yesterday was a little tough so maybe today will be better ! I am defaintly going to talk to my doctor about the other things when I go next time sure cant hurt to check I know that !!! And if it turns out that it is lyme disease... (18 replies)
... Good morning! Thank you for telling me about the fibro/familial connection as it has been some time since I've done some reading about fibro. A family member was initially diagnosed with fibro years ago but after a few years the symptoms went away so I haven't paid attention to the current litature. My apologies. That said, I did a BRIEF search of the literature...I... (18 replies)
... Tannersmom, I am not doubting your symptoms or your pain whatsoever!! However, I am questioning the diagnosis. Have your doctors screened you for Lyme Disease? You have lots of the symptoms (some people only have one)...fibro is often misdiagnosed when Lyme is the real culprit. If you were bitten by a tick, it might explain why you have an "over active nervous... (18 replies)
... Beth I forgot to mention the pain in my muscles began when I was 29 it is a deep aching pain that comes and goes. The RSL I have had issues in ,y late 20's as well. I have a very over Active nervous system if you ask me !! And Now believe I have Rosaca as well...My mom had it but passed away this July before mine acted up. I had to red areas right where the cheek bones begin... (18 replies)
... Yes I have Fibro also all these things run in my family my mother as well as sisters suffered from it. RSL can be in other parts of the body i have found in my research as well ....It happens in my legs and like I mnetioned other areas. its the same feeling I have had in my legs the creepy crawling sensation as well as the uncontrolable urge to have to move. I think I have it... (18 replies)
Hail Dorothy,
Jun 2, 2004
... A cure for RLS has been found.. Now all the researchers can finally go home or tell the world that their years of study was all wrong, because all they needed to do is tell the suffers to take 1000mg of magnesium.. doesn't matter if it gives u bloody diarrhea, or other nasty reactions. No longer does it matter, that although there are three minerals, that tend to help 50% of... (2 replies)

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