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... Sorry to say but the clanazapam is a Benzo. I know why you get the headaches after stopping this benzo, it's called withdrawal. It's a VERY powerful nasty drug. Maybe do some research on it. I'm not allowed to give out websites here but if you do a search and write Benzos and UK there's awesome info on that site. If it's RLS and not some anxiety thing, Magnesium would... (8 replies)
... Do you suffer of post-ejaculation restless legs ? I have the same problem. First, I think general anxiety that we have is due to a low Gaba level. Then when we have an orgasm, the conversion of dopamine to epiphrenine is excessive beacause we don't have a normal Gaba level to down-regulate this conversion. Then, the level of Dopamine is low (and prolactine high, they're... (8 replies)
... do you get headaches too, im having massive headaches next to my temples and can feel it pounding and pressure. It was next to my ears on my face and above the temples, now its below the temples right next to my forehead (8 replies)

... I have been on clonozapam for several years for restless legs and it has made my life so much better! I had been to a sleep center where they diagnosed the restless legs as well as sleep apnea and it helps me. I do use a cpap though, because the drug depresses the central nervous system and because I need the machine to survive.:) (8 replies)
... have no idea but i didnt take clonozapam for last 2 days and i feel like crap. have no idea what im gonna do after i can't refill it . I will be turned over to collections soon i think (8 replies)
... It would be great if someone could explain this "anxiety theory" about having "resless body syndrome"...because i don't understand it... So RLS us caused by low dopamine, but if it is in the whole body, then its caused by anxiety. I just dont understand it...Someone has an idea? (8 replies)
... have no idea, try changing your diet, exercise, herbs and vitamins, more calcium and magnesium and more water. i think i have tmj but noone is ever on the board there (8 replies)
... Please please...could you explain a little more the anxiety theory? I dont know if i have RLS, or another problem (like anxiety), because my RLS is in the whole body, specially arms and legs... (8 replies)
... although he said it was anxiety and not restess legs. Just thought i would mention it . He calls it anxiety unless you have it when trying to go to sleep. I pretty much had it all day. (8 replies)

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