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... there are 2 home remedies that sound ridiculous but are worth trying...if it works, it's certainly better than putting medication in your body... Ivory soap and Quinine Water... Google it if you are curious. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, My doctor recommended 6 oz. of Tonic water (which contains quinine, and is really cheap and easy to buy), drunk at night before bed. I would keep it cold, and add a squeeze of lime or lemon, to make it a little tastier. I have used this in addition to my medication for RLS, which is Requip. I also make a point of staying well hydrated, eating bananas, and potassium rich... (1 replies)
Sep 27, 2005
... Actually my father told me to drink quinine water - had heard from someone it would help. I had RLS really bad a few years ago and noticed when I got back on a consistant exercise pgm (wt training 3X week, stationary bike and pilates for aerobics) and made sure I drank sufficient water, my symptoms ceased. It's worth a try?! (5 replies)

... (10 replies)
... My father endured years of RLS with only liniment and hot baths to treat himself. During the past few years, my version has increased in severity and gone refractory. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Viper. Some people do report developing RLS for the first time after spinal injury or surgery. Similarly, people report RLS after withdrawing from opiates. In all cases it should pass. ... (4 replies)
Quinine tablets
Feb 26, 2015
... law heard of someone who had gained relief from RLS by drinking tonic water, so I have tried having a small glass of Schweppes "full fat" tonic water each evening and it does seem to have made quite a difference. ... (6 replies)
... I've read on other message boards that quinine makes people dizzy and that there can be all sorts of side effects. How is that possible? ... (9 replies)
RLS symptoms
Dec 29, 2005
... I have had the RLS type symptoms since I was a teenager and nobody could understand my problems. I understand now that it may have something to do with Diabetes verve damage!? ... (0 replies)
Quinine tablets
Mar 29, 2015
... bisglycinate. Has to be taken on an empty stomach to work...for me at least. And I always wait to see if I have RLS before taking. ... (6 replies)
... (3 replies)
... I presume that the active ingredient in the tonic water is the quinine. My Dr will nor prescribe quinine for me as I take ammiodarone for a heart defect. Has anyone experience of taking both ammiodarone and quinine, even at low doses? ... (3 replies)
... I swear by tonic water! I've been suffering with RLS since I was a teen. ... (3 replies)
RLS Triggers
Jan 10, 2006
... with quinine sp? ... (5 replies)
Is it RLS
Jan 15, 2012
... is enough. The quinine in it does seem to help RLS. I am a nurse, and work with a doctor who prescribes it before moving on to medications. Hope this is helpful. ... (1 replies)
... Try the Magnesium, chelated form is easier to digest, I think. But yes, what everyone here is saying! You may be deficient. Also try QUININE. It is in tonic water and I think maybe you can find it by itself in a health food store. ... (4 replies)
... about an hour before bedtime got rid of my RLS most nights. ... (12 replies)
... I drink tonic water, every evening, and within 5 min. it is gone. Great for leg cramps also. The tonic water, however, does contain quinine. I checked first with my MD prior to using it, due to my meds and health problems. (9 replies)
... Just thought I would let you know my mother suffers from RLS she found that a half of glass of Quinine Water, relaxes them right away She drinks a half of glass right before bed Hope you can find some relief, I personally take Ambien so I don't know if my legs are moving or not! LOL (14 replies)
... The quinine relaxes the legs. ... (8 replies)

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