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... Yes, RLS can be a whole body issue. I have symptoms from head to toe. Itching, the creepy things that my body thinks it owns. Head, ears, face, trunk, legs....etc. It changes. I suffer pain as well. ... (9 replies)
... Hi all, I have had RLS for 14 yrs or so. I have taken Mirapex which has totally helped. On 2 mg now started on 1 mg. But now Im experiencing my whole body seeming to do the same as my legs. ... (2 replies)
RSD in whole body?
May 20, 2012
... I am dealing with the whole body feeling of RLS right now and can't handle it. I feel like I am going insane. ... (15 replies)

RSD in whole body?
May 23, 2012
... curious how this thread took a site jump. this is RSD in whole body. umm this RLS do you all have RSD as well.. if so. its just my confusion. if not well still confused lol well I guess it doesn't matter we are all looking for help. ... (15 replies)
RSD in whole body?
Jun 28, 2011
... I have had RLS symptoms in my whole body. ... (15 replies)
... Me too, my whole body. Seems just like torture to me. ... (9 replies)
... I think there is, in fact I know there is. I have a bad case of RLS, and the sensation I have sometimes covers my whole body. When that happens, I feel like jerking my body for relief. I get the relief but only for a short time, like 15 seconds or so. ... (2 replies)
... trigger for this symptom you are feeling.this does sound more like some sort of actual neuro related problem and not so much 'just' need a better Dx than whole body RLS,as this does sound like an actual symptom of something not an actual Dx in and of itself. ... (5 replies)
30+ years of RLS
Jan 3, 2013
... Yes, I really have RLS in my whole body and i will jerk all over sometime. My husband says I jerk in my sleep alot. I look like a puppet on a string when I get to jerking sometimes. ... (15 replies)
... I have had rls symptoms for years, they have always been annoying but never to a point where I couldn't just ignore it, I did get diagnosed with mild rls almost two years ago. However since I started this new job, sitting at a desk all day, and it seems to be getting worse now over the past year. ... (0 replies)
... To tell you the truth, as I am typing this, my right leg is jumping up and down too. I don't think it's RLS though, I think it's a bad habit. People tell me to quit too, but I can't and I don't even know I am doing it most of the time. ... (2 replies)
RSD in whole body?
Jun 15, 2012
... I've had RLS as far back as I can remember in my legs. ... (15 replies)
Severe RLS
Jul 31, 2006
... I recently had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with severe RLS and started on Requip. I was wondering if anyone would know if RLS can be in the arms and legs? ... (7 replies)
Losing it from RLS
Mar 17, 2013
... Hi hon, I have had RLS for years. Last March I started going to a new dr. ... (27 replies)
... I have been taking Reqiup for about 7 months and now it makes me sick to my stomach. My RLS is not just in my legs it goes through my whole body. Is that still considered RLS? ... (0 replies)
... I have definitely had RLS in my arms before...and I've had RLS for at least 12 years now. ... (9 replies)
... I never in a million years thought there would be a message board on RLS, but I'm soo soo glad I've found one! RLS runs in my family, my Grandmother, Aunt, Mother and I all have it, and we never knew that it was nerve related, or at least I didn't. ... (9 replies)
Sep 3, 2019
... My boyfriend has a pretty bad case of it and right now the only medication that helps is Lyrica twice a day. His insurance wanted him to try all the others drugs first with all the bad side effects because it's cheaper to prescribe including anti-depressants. It caused so many unnecessary side effects. I hope you don't go through that. Probably depends on your doctor and most... (2 replies)
Losing it from RLS
Jan 12, 2015
... Try gabapentin it has really helped me and is not addictive so my doctor says. Stay the hecl away from Mirapex or premorexolie it almost killed me. I have RLS so bad that my whole body is also effected. Feels like someone puts a cattle prod to my back and electrocutes me every few minutes. ... (27 replies)

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