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Hi, my hand orthopedic doctor diagnosed me with RSD on 10/31/14. I broke 2 knuckles falling, 2 mos earlier in August. I've had insurances issues, and sporadic treatment. Now, I'm being seen once a week for physical therapy. I have a stiff left hand and it hurts. I really smashed my big knuckles good.. It hurts in that joint, and it always hurts. I take 900 mg and neurontin, and I do consider the pain as not great to have, but it could be worse. The RSD pain flares in my left shoulder.

Here's my question... My last visit with my hand doctor, who casted me and his assistant... I got the feeling that I'm boring them, because it's 8 mos since I broke my hand. The assistant says it will get better with time, you have to push threw the pain. I agree with that, to some extent... But, I'm very irritated. I have pushed through the pain, and landed in bed more or less..for 10 days with a flare up. The assistant also seems oblivious to my statement, that I can't use my left hand like before, with respect to work. I'm moving it... It's just I can't do what I used to do.

The assistant physician got simplistic with me.. She said, I have to keep moving it; and she looked at me like I was unreasonable to ask for a work restriction. She also asked me, is this preventing you from functioning? I asked her to define functioning? She stared at me... I'm functioning! I'm just having a heck of a time, learning to function with a very bum left hand.

They want to try a nerve block... But, I don't know. I feel like they were just trying to get rid of a complainer.

I'm not use to not getting better fast ... Is their any doctor out there who understands that most people want to improve, be careful to not put them down, because they are not cured yet..

I need a RSD doctor who has a broad experience. I do have the signs of RSD, I've read the info. The hand doctor is not terrible, Im just irritated with their bedside manner. Any suggestions, I'm in Minnesota

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