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[QUOTE=3DMommy;5444591]I am currently on Lyrica, and have been for a few months, it works well enough, but the weight gain caused by it is creating more problems than I can afford. I have also tried Gabapentin in the past with more side effects than results. Are there any other medications or treatment options available.[/QUOTE]
There are many medications out there I have tried both lyrica and gabap. with nothing but horrible side effects and not enough pain relief. RSD/CRPS plus other things... 5 yrs almost. I am lucky to have a great pain management doctor. I have a wierd mix but it works for me. Tzanidine for spasms, Topamax and methadone(very low dose). I tried all of the non opoids and nothing touched it. It all hit me after double mastectomy and chemo/rad. with reconstruction. If you are only going through a primary doc please get to a pain management doctor asap and neurologist. Be well and I wish you days of lesser pain.

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