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Hi all,

I am curious if anyone experiences a lot of knee pain? I have had CRPD since 2007 but it has been mostly my feet and left arm and hand. In the last few months I have had pain building in my knees, mostly the left knee, but I have slight twinges in the right knee.
So now as the months go by, the knee pain is getting worse. It even radiates down to the foot at times. Tonight it got so bad, it felt like the worst imaginable tooth ache in my knee, like my knee was broken. All I could do was moan and thrash on the bed. Eventually it passed but I think my medicine and botanicals I take, finally kicked in and calmed the pain.

Thanks for listening. Anyone else have RSD knee pain?

Hey Rich,
I've been recently diagnosed with CRPS/RSD in my left knee. Reading your post is a lot of what I've been going through for a year. Mine started with a torn cartilage and after two surgeries the pain was getting worse but the cartilage healed. I can feel the pain in the front of my knee and on the inside. It feels like it's bone on bone and a sharp, dull, constant, burning pain. From what I've read it can spread anywhere. Unfortunately for you it might have gone to your knee. I have to wear a knee brace all the time and at night I have to wear ace bandage. Try asking for a knee brace, for me it helps a little. I really hopes that it wont settle in your knee and will just go away. I hope that this helps you.

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