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I was diagnosed with crps in 2010, after sustaining a severe compression injury to my brachial plexus resulting in partial paralysis of my right arm from the elbow down as well as my right hand. I had my crps diagnosis delayed by about 4 months because I was in a coma (So nobody noticed my arm was killing me, and I had a tracheostomy preventing me from being able to speak!). After getting diagnosed I went through the ganglion blocks, with zero relief. I then tried the tens treatment, also to find no relief. I was then put on heavy opiate treatment for quite a few years. And that basically turned me into a useless zombie. I made the choice to completely go off all medication, cold turkey(for the record, I do not recommend that anyone ever put themselves through that. It was horrible). I have been living with varying degrees of pain since then.

My big question to this community is: besides opiates, or Lyrica, or other meds that might alter my alertness, tens therapy, or surgery, are there any other treatments that I could explore? Does anyone have insight into the ketamine treatments? Thank you in advance for any help, and sorry for the novel-esque post : )

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering from this god-awful illness.

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