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Aug 13, 2017
Hello Everyone,

I was diagnosed with CRPS/ RSD 7 months ago following a minor fracture to my left great toe at the joint. I am a nurse and knew the pain was out of proportion to the injury from the beginning. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon 4 weeks post break. He diagnosed me with CRPS 2 weeks later related to the signature symptoms I had, ice cold temp, discoloration, inability to bend my toe and insane pain with extreme sensitivity.

I started intense physiotherapy with a focus on desensitization. I was started on Lyrica 300mg capsules In 24hrs. The lyrica stopped the " zaps" and "zings" in my foot but my tolerance has increased. Mornings are bad but nighttime is the absolute worst. I barely sleep. I'm finding the psychosocial aspect the hardest. I feel as though my life has been taken away from me. I'm only 38!! I still do physio 3 times a week, and my PT has been my biggest support. I still see my orthopedic surgeon once a month. It was so nice to read similar stories. I am just wondering is there anything else I can be doing to get better. I have to say my sensitivity has decreased. minimally and the CRPS has caused me to walk on the outer aspect of my foot with toes in the air. My foot is starting to stay turned In. Thank you for listening, as you know this disorder is so hard to deal with. It's nice to hear stories from people who know exactly what I'm going through.

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