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RSD spread
Nov 7, 2003
Hi everyone, I wanted to ask some questions. Since my accident in February, now 8 blocks later, my symptoms have changed. Or are they my fibro? It's so hard to distinguish between the two.

Cramps and muscle spasms in right leg and entire back
back of neck and shoulders are hard as rock and I can't relax
either diahhrea or constipation and lots of gas
feet feel like i'm walking on glass
slight burning in right side arm and leg, like mild sunburn. in fact entire body feels slightly sunburned
hip are sooooo sore, feel like they're out of joint
eyes blurring
shortness of breath
get only 3-4 hours of sleep a night, waking up in mild pain
depression (just feel like I want to cry -- I want my old life back and NOW!!)

I could list other symptoms but you get the picture. Do you think the rsd could be spreading? I am not sensitive to touch, I can manipulate my right foot and leg with no pain at all.

I know it's different for everybody but dang.... Also my prescriptions for neurotin and elavil are about to expire and i've called my doc 3 times and still no refill...grrr

Do you have to take neurotin for the rest of your life? what about liver damage? under my ribs both sides really hurt, no gallbladder so that's out.

just really tired............. in fact, just tired of living............

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