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Re: Rsd
Nov 13, 2003
I agree with all that has been said before me. I am the Mother of a grownup son with RSD, and here in the UK over the five years he has had it I have seen many many youngsters who have progressed from wheelchair, to stick, to walking normally. I believe it is because in some way the growth hormone in children affords them a better chance to go into remission and stay there.

The latest treatments here are for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and doses of Vitamin C. You know the chambers that divers enter when they have the bends? Well, they have discovered that it can help those with RSD. There is no one thing guaranteed, and I would advise starting off conservatively and working up. Good coverage for pain is important.

As for yourself, try to stay calm. Not easy to do because I have been there. If you are agitated then you will pass this onto your daughter. You sound very supportive, and if you research the net you will find much information, and many suggestions as to providing physical comfort. All of us here will support you, and pass on all the tips that helped. You are not alone in this, we are all here to help.

Hugs to you and your daughter.

Edna ( Mother of David ).

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