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Hi Miss Megara. Welcome to the board, though I am sorry you have to be here. You've gotten alot of good information already, but I do want to add a couple of things. Never, [B]EVER [/B] use ice on your RSD limb even for swelling! It will only make the pain worse and can cause the rsd to spread, and never, [B]EVER[/B] let anyone take blood or start an IV in that limb either, they can make your pain worse too, and I believe can cause spread also.

That said, most people go to a pain clinic to see a pain management specialist, usually these are anesthesiologists. If indeed they do diagnose you with RSD, Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGBs) are probably what you need, as it's the best way to try to get the rsd into remission and stop or lessen the pain since you have an upper extremity affected.

Heat is the best thing for the pain, it really can help when the pain is acute. Hot soaks with the epson salts are helpful too, as is the heating pad you said you use. I use moist heating pads when I use a heating pad as the moist heat penetrates deeper than dry heat, but truthfully, what I use the most are those microwavable gel pads. Just pop 'em in the microwave, wrap up your painful area, and you have heat 'on the go.' You're not stuck in one place because of an electrical cord, and it feels so good on my hand. A lot of us here have a parafin wax machines too. It's great to stick your hand in when the pain is acute.

There's a bunch of meds for nerve pain, and then pain medication itself. Pain meds won't stop the pain, but they make it easier to bear. Most of us are on one antidepressant or another (or a combo of them) too.

I sure hope whatever you have isn't RSD/CRaPS . RSD/CRPS is not curable, but it is treatable, and it is the most painful chronic pain condition there is.

If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can come here to vent too, it's a great place to get what's bugging you off your chest. We all do it (I'm about to go vent myself, lol), and it really helps. We do care.

Cathy :woot:

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