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Dear Miss Megara,
I'm very sorry you've been living in pain for so long. I'm new to RSD, and there are some people on this board that have more knowledge about it than I do, but here's my two cents.

First of all, if it is RSD, DO NOT LET THEM AMPUTATE!! RSD is a nervous system disorder. Your hand and elbow are not the culprits even though that is where you are feeling all of the pain. From what I understand, amputation would only make the RSD worse as your body reacts to the new trauma.

The symptoms you listed (besides the hair falling out) are similar to mine. My RSD started as a result of surgery, too. There are some great websites that list specific symptoms. Two good ones are the Mayo clinic's site (you'll have to find the link on their site for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, I think in their pain management department).

You really need to find a doc who is familiar with RSD and the treatments and meds available. I'm quickly learning that the earlier the intervention the more likelihood of getting it into remission.

I'm glad you found this board, too. The people here have become a second family to me already. They understand the fear that I'm experiencing and have a lot of experience and wisdom to offer. The prayers we say for each other are an added blessing.

Best wishes to you!!! Please keep in touch.


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