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Re: No.of blocks
Dec 10, 2003
Hi Dayton. Every doc is different. I've heard of people getting as many as 50 blocks, but I am sure there are docs who won't do that many. My blocks stopped working for the pain, though they did still seem to bring my hand temp up, but after the 10th one, my doc and I agreed to try something else, which is when we did the epidural infusion.

You have to keep in mind when talking to your doc that *you* are the one in control of your treatment, not him. If he has a limit, ask him why, and ask him that if you wanted more, would he do them for you even though he likes to try something else after 12 of them (or whatever his limits are). My doc had said that if they were not helping with pain control there was no point in doing them, but I felt that if they were bringing the temp up in my hand, then they were still helping because that is one of the reasons for having blocks, cause the increased blood flow helps nerves heal. If we hadn't decided on the epidural infusion, then I would have insisted on more SGBs. I refuse to get a stim, and especially at that time, I was way too early in my treatment for a pain pump, though it may come to that *one* day.

Who knows, I may go back for more SGBs in the future if I can't get another epi infusion approved by my insurance comapny. I am still refusing the stim, and it's still too early for a pain pump. The anniversary of my MVA is 12-29, though I'm not exactly sure when the RSD started.

I hope this helps you,


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