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Hi Linda :wave:

I absolutely hated Joey on the Neurontin...every new doctor we went to kept upping the dosage....when the last one raised him drastically to 3200mg, he became a TOTAL zombie...and I mean frightfully TOTAL! I will always refer to it as "Zombie Week". I immediately took it into my own hands to get him off Neurontin as fast as possible, and I tapered his dose very fast...but I'm sorry I cannot tell you if he had symptoms of withdrawl because he was on far too many drugs at that time...the jump in Neurontin coincided with a drastic jump in Duragesic Fentanyl patches from something like 75mg to a boatload of other's all a blur now, sorry, I should have kept a better journal! :rolleyes:

Anyway, now Joey's trying to be as drug-free as possible, only on the Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Percocet and Clonazepam ONLY as desperately needed...I keep them hidden from him and I'm very cheap...since he had an overdose a few weeks ago from the Percocet because he'd detoxed from everything, then took his old dose and OD'd, lucky I was there to call 911. :eek:

Sorry to run on and on and not really have an answer! :confused:

Hope you have a smoother transition!

~Ange~ :cool: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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