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Hello and welcome to the board..

I can feel so much for you bc i am also 25 years old and have had RSD now for 15 mos. I am a nurse and was working as a nurse for 6 years before this hit me. I know how hard it is from going to an active person to a couch potatoe. I worked 70 hours weeks and was on my feet for more than that and also being social in that i would see different people and my coworkers and be able to talk to them freely.. but then in just a weeks time, and after a simple surgery like mine ( to remove a mortons neuroma in my Right foot) to having a severe disabling disease that prevents us from doing much of anything.

I really dont know how you are able to keep up in law school, but I am soo proud of you that you can!! Thats one thing you cant let this RSD do is to take over you and take all your hopes and dreams away. HOw much more do you have left of school??

I am in stage 3 RSD and have had all the same treatments as you have had and end up again like where you are... still in pain. With me the RSD has also attacked my tendons and ligiments in my foot and has left me with a severe foot deformity so that i can only walk on the outside of my foot. I have had the epidural infusions nad lik eyou they work for only a short time. Mine only worked while i had the epi in.. once they took it out it all started to come back and once the meds were out of my system, which only takes 2 hours, I was back at square one agian...

My PMD wont give me much pain meds.. hes hesitant about giving them out bc he doesnt want me to be addicted to them.. ?? So prety much what i am on is Neurontin 600mg four times a day, Elavil 50mg at nite, and Lortab 10/750 as needed. but even the lortabs dont touch my pain.. so why bother taking them...right?? I just went and seen a vascular surgeon last week and he was supposed to be able to help get better blood flow to my leg and foot, but when he saw my foot and leg all purple nad blue and deformed.. he wouldnt touch me with a 10 foot pole.. so i am stuck in limbo waiting for what my pmd thinks will help me at this time.. all i really want is the pain pump and someone to fix my foot deformity, but no one will bc of the severe osteoporosis in it.. ???

Im again glad you found this board and look forward to tlaking toyou ! These guys on here have helped me out soo much.. i really dont know where i would be with out them !! Keep in touch!!

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