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Re: New to RSD
Dec 20, 2003
Hi Peggy,
I'm so sorry you are living in such pain. I am also newly diagnosed with RSD in my left wrist and hand. I am not familiar with living with it in the feet. There are other more experienced people who visit this board who should be able to answer some of your questions.

Like you, burning pain has not been one of my big symptoms. I had some light burning as well as itching in the beginning, but mostly I've had a deep aching pain. And I am absolutely diagnosed RSD even without the burning pain.

Edna gave some great information on why everybody's RSD symptoms are different in the thread "Vitamin B & RSD." That might help you.

It's good you're getting some blocks done soon. My first block helped me a lot. The drugs are an unfortunate part of dealing with the RSD. I hate the zombie feeling, but they are helping me. You'll find that most of us take an antidepressant because depression is very, very common in RSD patients. Look for the thread "The Emotional Aspect of RSD." It explains why we are affected in that way.

I'm glad you found this board. I know you'll find a lot of support and compassion from everybody here.

Take care,
Re: New to RSD
Dec 20, 2003
Hi Peggy, Welocme to HB, though I am sorry that you have to be here. I agree with everything Julie has told you, she's good with info, she just doesn't realize it yet. I didn't have burning at first, but then I got cold burning, then hot burning. Everyone is different.

Did something happen (like an accident or injury or something) that might have caused your symptoms? There's many cases of RSD where the cause is unknown. I have RSD in my left hand & wrist, so I don't know much about it in the feet (one vs two at the start), but Julie is right about you getting the blocks done. They are the best chance you have at going into remission.

I hope you'll come back often. This is the best place you'll find on the internet for info, and the people here are great. You can come here to ask questions, or to vent if you're having a bad day. We'll listen, and will help if we can.

Re: New to RSD
Dec 20, 2003
[SIZE=3][COLOR=Blue]Hi Peggy and welcome,

There are so many symptoms with RSD and they don't all have to be present to have the disorder. It seems that everyone who has RSD has a different set of symptoms. As far as your doc telling you that RSD wouldn't just go to both feet (I didn't quite understand what you said there), not a whole lot is known about RSD. Because of that, I believe that anything is possible when you have it. No doc can tell me anything definitively about RSD until more research is done. I hope you stay around here. It's a great place.

Sharon :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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