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Susie, I am soooooooooo HAPPY and THRILLED for you, Congratulations on your accomplishment! I too couldn't drive for 5 - 6 months, so I know exactly how you feel.
I hope you continue to improve on a daily basis, and have many more exciting occurences to come!

Thank you for the info on the suppliments. I'll have to look into it, and will print out your info shortly. I do take daily vitamin suppliments, but i will have to start looking into taking more suppliments to suppliment my suppliments :D

I am very sorry that your blocks did not help you. My guess is that you have SIP. I think I do too, though I've never discussed it with my doc, but my blocks stopped working on my pain completely, though they still improved the temp of my hand.

The purpose of the blocks is to reduce nerve activity to reduce pain, swelling, (unusual) color, and sweating changes in the extremity, and may improve mobility. A major importance to the blocks is to increase the circulation of the extremity, which aids in nerve rejuvenation. This explains the increase in the temp of the extremity. If I've left anything out here guys, please let me know.

As for PT and the pain cycle. If you can decrease the pain, then you'll be able to do more with your hand, so your PT should be able to work on increasing the circulation and mobility. Just remember, "no pain, no gain" does NOT apply to RSD! It is very important to get the circulation increased, as is the mobility, so I hope this works for you. I *would* discuss this question with your doc as I am not a doctor, and do not want to give you false information and therefore cause a worsening in your condition. Please let me know what he says about this.

Congratulations again Susie, what a wonderful christmas gift you have been given! I probably won't be around until after Christmas is over, so you guys have a Wonderful, Merry Christmas filled with warmth, love, family and friends.


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