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Dec 23, 2003
Ok, here's my update. I was work yesterday and my office was freezing. I looked down and my fingers on the rsd side (right) were almost black, bluish dark color. I freaked!! They have always been all kinds of colors when cold, blue, white and red, but never black!! I put them between my legs and they warmed up. I have started doing hand exercises like when you squeeze a ball about 40-50 times an hour. Is that ok?

Also my husband wants to buy me a bow flex machine. He says it will exercise all body parts. Does anybody know anything about exercise equipment??? Seems like a lot of money.

Also, why do some people get this and not others? Hubbie was gutshot in Vietnam, injuries, left leg and knee had to be rebuilt, head wounds, and he didn't get rsd. So why me?????

Also what do you do for the itching? I'm so afraid that mine may be going full body. I was doing so good too, but it seems like after that bad block, things have gone downhill. I'm getting bad itching around neck and in arms electrical shocks. The right hand is turning colors and the muscles in right leg are very sore to touch. I have started getting eye twitches and sort of like spasms in face.

Maybe it's just nerves. Ya'll know the stress I am under.

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