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Re: DMSO and NAC
Dec 28, 2003
I guess, I just don't agree. Blocks are NOT worth a shot as so many on this board have stated though they continue to get them. Their side effects are quite serious. Repeated blocks can result in very serious conditions. This is a rude thing to do to one's body.

HOW DO YOU KNOW that whole body RSD is not related to traumatizing the ganglia at the neck?

We as a group (RSD sufferers) are all CLEARLY more susceptible to over reaction to minor injuries... A surgery to a to a single finger tendon has resulted in a near paralysis of my hand upon removal of that miserable splint. Why would I risk my whole body? Sorry, it is not worth a shot. I don't gamble with my health.

Tread softly when it comes to your body. Medicine today is in its infancy. Run don’t walk from a doctor anytime you are handed a disease ends with SYNDROME.

Clearly, many on this board have employed the use of blocks and they haven’t worked. If they did, they would work for everyone.

In fact, I am not convinced that the Autonomic Nervous system is involved at all. I have spent DAYS searching where this theory has support in actual science and simply can't find ANY hard evidence.

What is clear is that there is:

2. Restricted Motion.
3. Pain.
4. Hair.
5. Sweating
6. Discoloration

Those symptoms are quite specific and empirical.

The growth of hair would indicate that hand "thinks" it is cold. On the contrary, my RSD hand is now COVERED in hair, but is quite hot and has been! In fact, I had severe sweating while the hand was in the splint and used to try to blow air into the splint to cool it. My body needed the additional insulation? I think not.

On the other hand, there can be NO DOUBT as to the inflammation that I am experiencing. The vessels are clearly dilated.

What manifestations would result from this? One possible explanation that makes much more sense is that dilation of blood vessels near the surface of the skin would feed hair follicles more... More hair.

Dilation internal to the hand would cause swelling of tissue and can cut off blood supply to muscles, nerves, joints, etc. Ever lose a tooth because a dentist didn't grind a filling down? I have. The tooth ends up bearing too much of a load. This causes trauma under the tooth. Swelling is next, followed by a decrease of blood supply to the tooth. The nerve can't get blood. The nerve dies, the tooth dies. You are scheduling your ROOT CANAL a couple of weeks later.

As far as not wedding to the block. I don't agree. Just how much trauma do we need to cause a serious reaction. I think we have all demonstrated that we don't need very much.

I am not scared of RSD getting worse. If it is going to get worse, it will with or without a block.

Blocks are not universally accepted you know… In fact, from what I have been able to gather, only the US and Canada use this method of treatment.

Blocks are simply too much of a gamble. I won’t do it. Not even for a diagnosis. I guess, I am just not that impressed with the knowledge of physicians. They are not scientists. They "PRACTICE" their "ART".

They will have to practice somewhere else and not on me. My body is much more likely to help itself than a physician is. I will do my best to make sure it is supplied with what it needs to affect that help. In any case, millions of years of evolution are on my side. A decade of nonsense is on the side of the block.

As for a "diagnoses", WHO cares? A diagnosis would mean something if they had a cure. They don't! For all intents and purposes a diagnosis is the furthest thing from a cure. In fact, it is a SENTENCE!

Even if we manage to have a REMISSION, we are always afraid of a relapse.

How many doctors can cure a cold? Your body can!

I trust my body much more than I trust a doctor. As an Engineer, Scientist, Astronomer, and Physicist, I know how little we as a species know and understand. It's the blind leading the blind out there.

Conjecture is king and most of us are loyal subjects.

I appreciate your comments and concern by the way and I now graciously come down off my “soap box” to thank you.

It may very well be that I am in denial, however, time will tell. If things do get worse, I will make the best of my life regardless of what my fate is.

Sam Michael.

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