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Re: Buzzing ear
Jan 10, 2004

I have buzzing in my ears also. I didnt correlate the buzzing to Neurotin but it would make sense.

You are right its like little bees just milling around.

It isnt always as loud as it is right now but it never really goes away either.

Hope it decrease for you.

Hopes and prayers

Re: Buzzing ear
Jan 15, 2004
Hi sorry your block didn`t help like you wanted it to. I no the feeling!! I go next Monday for my block and then Tue for my worker Comp Hearing. Then off to Cleveland on the Jan 27 and I can`t wait for that one.
When I had that buzzing in me ear Linda it was so loud, I have the ringing every day. I`m going to ask my Pain doc on Monday about it.

Have a good day

Re: Buzzing ear
Mar 23, 2004
The BUZZING / RINGING in your ears is caused by an over-active brain. If you have true CRPS, you will also have an over-active mind / brain. The BUZZING / RINGING in my ears gets so loud, it's almost unbearable. Did you ever hear a "high frequency dog whistle"? Imagine dozens of them being blown at the same time right next to both of your ears. That's CRPS ringing.
Re: Buzzing ear
Mar 24, 2004

I hate to hear you all experiencing this too. This is called tinitus if you go to [url][/url] and look up the puzzle list this will be explained. I had Tinitus right after my accident in Nov.2002. and it is just as loud and annoying as ever. The meds can make it louder but the RSD is what causes it. This is the hyperactive nervous system doing us in again. Have a pain free day all.

Hugs and blessings

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