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:) I am backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk... :wave: ...Little update on my hubby's RSD aka The Disease from Hell...haha...Well he has had 3 lumbar blocks and 1 rhizotomy which all four were basicly "unsuccessfull"..After the rhizotomy they started to taper him off the Kadian and the Percocets and put him on Catapress to help with the withdrawal symtoms (which i may add are dreadful in itself)...the "R" procedure was done 2 weeks ago...we had a return checkup visit yesterday met the "new" doc we were switched to (which had not even reviewed his chart, etc)!!!!...was told there wasn't much else that could be done for him as the blocks had not lasted long enuff!!!...So in return because the symptoms had gotten worse again like the very next day from the "r"...He takes Neurontin 800mg x3 day, Effexor 75mg x2 day (anti-depressant which if this disease keeps up i am gonna need something...hahaha)...started him on the Fentanyl 25mg patch every 3 days...added 100mg of Zonogram daily to go along with the neurontin to help with the "burning" which is sumfin else as yu all know!!! then to increase that to 200mg daily in a week...also tried a lidocaine patch on the painful area which is the top of the foot and all toes...well yu know about the sensitivity!!!!...glad yu weren't around when he tried to take that off today!!!!! more patches i don't think on the foot!!!...This disease has effected our lives more ways than one....we have our own roofing business which we may have to consider giving up because of his foot and the dangers of being on top of a roof (which in fact was how he got injured in the 1st place falling 38ft)....Hubby is pretty discouraged that the blocks did not help him...He is in daily pain around the is somewhat better if he can keep the foot elevated and not on who can do that huh?...he pushes himself to work everyday 7 days a week and takes his meds which does not give him complete relief...think last visit the doc said, "we can't chase your pain"...pffftttttt !!!!!...So since June of 2003 its been a long haul and doesn't look like its gonna be over none too soon... :eek: guess we all can keep each other in our prayers....glad that i was introduced to this site...By the way has anyone ever heard of "removing" the sympathetic nerve?...Was told thru someone else of a person that had that done and never had another problem...If this keeps up for him I believe we are going to address that option next visit in a month...We are going to go and try physical therapy for desensitization, etc see iffen that will is very painful to touch even the cats tail brushing against his foot makes him jump in pain!!!...So we will see how that will go (glad i am not gonna be the therapist!!!...hehe)...Well i have rambles on long enuff...Take care and be well !!!..... ;)

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