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Hi everyone, :wave: I am partially swollen(interesing picture)and am also in pain and was wondering if what i am experiencing is maybe due in part to RSD.I will try and put this all as short as possible here.I have had three surgeries in the last two years.The first two were to fix a herniated C-6-7.Fusion failed, placement of hardware was surgery # 2.Now the last one(Sept 03)was to try and remove What is called a cavernous hemangioma from inside my spinal cord.This is a vascular formation that is basically a group of low pressure blood vessels that I am told have been with me since birth.It was starting to cause me neuro symptoms and alot of pain,and has also bled so my NS decided that it needed to go.And what a trip this has been!They were only able to remove 90%(which i guess is better than nothing at all),and between the neuro damage(they hit a nerve during surgery)and the 10% that was left to wreak havoc inside my cord,I have been Dxed with Brown-Sequard syndrome(can't feel hot/cold or surface pain on my R side from the R breast down)Horners syndrome(damage to the sympathetic nervous system caused my L eyelid to droop and unequal pupils) and last but not least central pain syndrome( pain very similar to RSD in that I have the intense burning and stinging and feeling like my skin is being twisted and pulled, feels very much like a second degree burn that wont heal) unfortunetly Narcotics don't seem to work very well on this pain and am constantly at a 8-10.The body parts that are affected most are the L forearm and up the back of the upper arm(this was the first area to show itself after surgery)this is also the arm that suffered the most damage after surgery.I have lost alot of my fine motor in that hand and have constant numbness in the palm and the last two fingers with muscle wasting in the palm and the wrist.The burning feeling is now starting to progress from the forearm down into the part of the palm right where the fingers are attatched there and up into all of my fingers on that hand and in the past few days, the entire hand has felt just rather tight with some very minor swelling.I also have the burning/stinging and a hypersensitivity to touch in the shoulderblades.Now here is what really concerns me the most right now.About a month or so ago,for no reason at all, my R knee just all of the sudden started to swell.(this is the side that has lost the hot/cold/and surface pain)and within a couple of days, the entire R leg just started to swell.Went to my primary doc and he did X-rays of the knee which showed absolutely nothing.And my NS said that it is all related to the weird nerve stuff that has been going on since my surgery.As time has gone by, the knee has become very deformed looking and it appears that the muscle in the upper leg has kind of relaxed and slipped down a little.It is really hard to explain but that is the best description i can give with regards to that.The entire knee just looks kind of flat looking.Up until the knee started to do its thing, i thought that i had completely lost all feel to pain in that leg,but since that has started, i get really deep pain,almost feels like a bone ache.and am having this alternating extreme cold and then burning feel in the foot on that side.I have also been having swelling in the stomach area,and i don't know if this is related in any way or not.Do you get any type of organ swelling with RSD?I am so sorry that this is so long but i wanted to give you a fairly clear picture of just what is going on with me.God this whole situation just sucks.And I know that I am not alone in feeling that.Any comments help or advice would be extremely appreciated right now.Thanks for listening,and i hope you all have a tolerable pain day. :) Marcia

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