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Re: Greetings!
Feb 11, 2004
Yeah I've had the sweating every since I came home from the surgey. I have an appointment with the PM doc this week. I have to talk with him about the increasing pain in my R arm anyway. I suspect he'll probably want to put another leg on the SCS into my neck, but I'll talk to him about the pump too. This pain is so poorly controlled! :rolleyes:
It's been reallly nice to meet you :angel: ! I hope to see you again :) , Many Pain free days and nites to you :wave: ![QUOTE=sharon1030][SIZE=3][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hi Deefer and welcome to the board,

I had the sweating problem for years. I would just walk a little ways and get really hot and my face would be beat red and sweating. After taking a shower, I would have to just sit for at least a half hour to cool down. I now have a morphine/bupivicaine pump and I think that is the reason I don't have the sweating problem anymore. I personally think part of the problem was the morphine I was taking. I also think the bupivicaine (which is an anesthetic agent similar to the ones they put in the blocks) keeps the RSD in control as well as helping with the pain. It not only helps the pain. It also helps some other symptoms. I hope this makes sense to you.

As far as the fatigue...I'm tired a lot too. I think that even though you think you might be sleeping, you're might not be getting the deep, quality sleep that you need. Also, being in constant pain makes you tired. Welcome again and I hope to talk to you again soon.

Sharon :)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

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