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Re: New in IOWA
Feb 14, 2004
Hi Tammie,
Sorry you have that dx. Please know that you will have alot of support at this site as well as recieving info from some very knowledgable veterans.
It's a good place to come. Sometimes if we can't help ourselves it makes us feel a little better to be able to help someone else. So in that vein can I ask you what kind of doctor gave you your diagnosis and what kind of doc are you currently seeing.
Some start with a neuralogist or orthopod but where we need to get is to
Pain management which is handled by anesthesiology. Usually the first route is nerve blocks which has a chance of putting this into remission and will make it alot easier for Physical Therapy to get some movement back.
Tammie, desensitization is a big part of therapy and PT is essential. But in
order to do that you have to have pain management whether they decide on blocks, medication, or a combination of both. The goal for all this is to break
the pain cycle.
Do you have a major hospital. If so call and ask for their RSD clinic/pain management. Again it is a field that grew out of anesthesia, so the docs
have a background in that. Thats probably your best place to start and the quicker the better.
Also make sure your phsical therapist has alot of experience with RSD/CRPS
Bad PT can be woarse than no PT. But knowing that -do realize that
passive stretching and desensitization are part of the treatment---Most
importantly this is not a case of no pain no gain. Remember that! So do not work beyond tolorance or do anything that causes pain.
I didn't have success with the blocks and am now awaiting an appointment
with a physiatrist that specializes in pain management and I guess he will decide if I get any more blocks and manage my meds and coordinate with my PT and I will be very relieved to have one Doc overseeing everything.
I'm sure others will have more suggestions. Keep in touch. Wishing you less pain-Susie L :wave:

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