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This is for those with idiopathic neuropathy. That's neuropathy from an unknown cause. You may want to consider an undetected reaction to gluten. An estimated 1 in 133 people of Northern European descent are intolerant of gluten, and most don't know it.

What it does to those folks (me being a primary example) is cause damage to the villi in the intestines. It renders them corroded (for lack of a better term), and unable to absorb nutrients properly. A lack of proper nutrients can lead to neuropathy, as it did in my case.

What it is is a substance in wheat, rye, and barley. There are some blood tests that possibly might indicate an intolerance to this, but do your research before deciding to rely on these. The only treatment is living on a 100 percent gluten-free diet. It's actually turning out to be very easy -- now that I'm doing my own research on what is and is not gluten free. The diet is no big deal, just a matter of eating the right brands and substituting other flours for gluten-contaminated ones.

I'm posting this just to give you food for thought. Someone posted the info I read and I was so desperate to try anything for relief I figured why not try this? The doctors weren't coming up with any better ideas - just telling me my neuropathy was not treatable. WRONG!

After two months on a gluten free diet I started noticing a reduction in pain. After three months I could walk on my own feet again and didn't need the wheelchair. That was last October. Now Im symptom free and living a normal life again without wheels!

Please consider gluten intolerance if you're looking for some answers--and don't give up trying to find them. Research, research, research and try everything. I finally found something that worked for me, and you can too; but not if you just rely on doctors for the answers.

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