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Hi Mamu,
I really hope your husband is not dealing with RSD. One of the hallmark symptoms is burning pain, but that's not always the case. I had intense itching to start with and then gradually some burning set in, but I have never had the intense burning that some people have. My primary complaint hads been stiffness with major pain when moving my wrist or fingers. Swelling, discoloration, excessive hair growth in the area, different temperature in the region are all symptoms. Other symptoms include depression, short term memory problems, and a disrupted sleep pattern. If you go to the thread that I started for the Mayo Clinic you can read the list of symptoms, tests and treatment suggestions.

An ortho can often make the diagnosis (mine did), but is not the best choice for treating RSD. Most of us on the board go to a pain management doctor who is an anesthesiologist. A lot of the treatments used for RSD have to be done by an anesthesiologist.

If it is RSD the PT should be customized for it. The PT should not have the philosophy of 'no pain, no gain' as stimulating the pain only increases the misfiring of the sympathetic nervous system. IF your PT is not familiar with treating RSD then you should consider finding a new one.

One final note, do not ice for the swelling if it turns out he has RSD. Ice makes it worse. Use elevation and compression to help reduce the swelling.

Please let us know the outcome of his Dr. visit. Again, I really hope it is not RSD!

Take care,

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