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Hiya Lori! Unfortunately, I have read several articles that did mention RSD spreading to people's eyes. From what I understand, the monster goes pretty much anywhere it wants to. However, like everyone else has mentioned, I have blurry vision, and occassionally double vision when watching TV when I am tired and/or it's late. It's fuzzy right now and my eyes itch and burn too, but that's not abnormal for it being so late. Allergies can also cause the itching. Neurontin most definitely messes with your vision too. I'd call your doc and talk to him/her about it. It could easily be something completely unrelated to RSD, and the sooner you address it the better your chances of correcting it, but I know you know that. You could have a cyst or something that you can't feel hitting a nerve or whatever that is causing the pain. It could be alot of things.

I finally went and had my eyes examined and the doc told me that I see 20/20 in both eyes, but I am farsighted. Okay, but I am not sitting close to the TV when I watch it, so why the blurry vision? Probably the neurontin and tiredness (my guess). I picked up a pair of non-script magnifying glasses and a hard case for under $20.00 and use them to read and watch TV when my eyes act up and they do help me see a little better (it sure beat the $160.00+ pair of glasses he was trying to sell me that were the exact same thing as these). It's better than watching TV with my hand covering one of my eyes so I don't see double for sure. You guys ought to try it, you can always return the glasses if it doesn't help. Drops help my ithcing too.

I'm sorry you can't do surgery anymore Lori. I know how you feel, exactly. I am still holding on to a fading hope of being able to go back, but like I said, my hope is fading. Please let us know what you are going to study in school. Maybe it's something i could do too?

I hope you all are having a pain tolerable night. I am going to go get a snack and try to go to bed again. Nite-Nite.


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