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HI ROBERT, I HAD KNEE SURGERY AND DEVELOPED RSD. WHAT I'VE BEEN TOLD ABOUT THESE BLOCKS(NOTE I COULD NOT GET ANY), THAT IF A DOCTOR ATTEMPTS 1 AND THE PATIENT DOES NOT GET RELIEF, A DOCTOR WILL LIKELY NOT TRY AGAIN, DUE TO CAUSING MORE TRAUMA IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF NEEDLES AND THE ONE DOCTOR TOLD ME THAT A BLOCK MAY NOT WORK THE FIRST TIME,DUE TO HOW THE NERVES ARE DIFFERENT IN EACH PERSON AND YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT HAVE HIT THE RIGHT PLACE. I don't know whether your seeing a neurologist or anthesialogist, I see a neurologist. If the RSD is new you need to get aggressive treatment, physcial therapy, and have her keep the leg moving. I am in severe pain and mine has basically become a full body RSD affecting my left leg and upper body. I also have go to biofeedback to help deal with the pain. She will want to guard the knee from use because it hurts but SHE MUST KEEP THE KNEE MOVING. Also if she can get in a warm pool and hot tub she will be able to move easier, and it will hurt less. Narcotics will only take the edge off the pain, at least for me, and a body will build up a tolerence to them over time, so making the dose even higher. Ask your doctor about ketamine gel. I rub this on my knee 3 times a day and it numbs the area for me and gives some relief. My doctor who is in PA does research on RSD and likes the lidocaine infusions. There is a top notch doctor in Fort Washington, PA and he has his own website. He is awesome and he is a neurologist. About the temperature question- All I know about that is they try to get circulation in the affected part because of the sympathetic nervous system(thats your flight/fight) being stuck on and they are trying to shut it off. WE live normal body conditions under our parasympathetic nervous system and it controls our body except when we get excited or surprised and thats when the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and takes over the body. Each system controls different things in 1's body. In RSD the sympathetic takes over and the wires get crossed and it doesn't shut off (so that part of the body is ready to fight/fight and it the normal body function of the parasymathetic can't regain control). I hope I didn't confuse you. Just be aggressive with the treatment, ask questions, and keep her moving. jokehakk

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