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Cathy :wave:

I take Methadone for pain control, if there is such a thing with RSD. But I am taking 20mg two or three times a day as well as I wear the Fentanyl Patch 100's. I have used other pain medicines but they have made me very sick. I have no problems whatsoever with the Methadone.

I have been told by my pain doc that Methadone was first designed as a pain medicine and it became a treatment for Heroin withdrawal as a secondary use. Because of that stigma, many people are afraid to use it, or think badly of it. But I can say nothing but good things. One of the best is the cost of it. It only costs apprx $20.00 a month for 100+ 10mg pills. That is good. My pain patches cost %600.00 for 10 patches, that is ridiculous.

I know that this question is an older one, but since it popped up in the current area I have posted this answer. How has your success been with it?


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