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Re: RSD and sports
Mar 30, 2004
KATIE, IF ITS ONLY BEEN 2 MONTHS AND YOU AREN'T SHOWING ALOT OF PHYSICAL SIGNS OF RSD, YOUR DOCTOR IS ON THE BALL. START TREATMENT NOW BEFORE THE RSD PROGRESSES. RSD MOVES QUICKLY, AND THE MORE AGGRESSIVE AND QUICKLY YOU DEAL WITH IT, THE GREATER CHANCE IT WILL GO INTO REMISSION AND YOU'LL HAVE VERY LITTLE RESIDUAL EFFECTS FROM IT.. I don't know what type of doctor diagnosed it, but you'll need a pain doctor to help you. Keep the foot moving but not to hurt it or inflict more pain. Warm baths are great, and pool therapy is awesome. Keep using the foot in motion, so you don't lose the motion. Ask your doctor about ketamine gel or lidaderm patches, that helps the pain. Good luck, sweetie.

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