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RSD Spread?
Mar 30, 2004
Hello All,
I was hoping someone who has had their RSD spread could help me with a few Q's. I have Rsd in one foot, can't touch, atrophy, cold, Red hot burning.
Anyways my other foot started to hurt, I thought it was from breaking in a new pair of shoes. It has gotten red hot and up both shins. That foot doesn't have the no touch problem. The side of my arms burn and back of hands.
My Doctor told me that Rsd was throughout my spine and brain.
How are the other burn problems the same in most ways but, don't have the
no touch problems???????????? Lost, but searching!!!!! BobbyJ :confused:
Re: RSD Spread?
Mar 30, 2004
So sorry to hear about your RSD. I don't know how helpful I can be, but I have RSD in my rt wrist, but pain all the way up my arm, and I also have mirror pain on the left side. There is a question as to whether it has spread to both of my shoulders (following rotator cuff surgery last June). I'm currently in PT for that and I guess the outcome of that will help the dr's diagnose if it is RSD or tendonitis. So, having said that back to your question, the only place I really have the sensitivity is at the original site. Even that looks perfectly normal - I'm just in pain all the time. It's just started a little swelling for the first time in almost 4 yrs. I've heard from other people whose RSD has spread that the new sites are not sensitive to touch. Sorry for rambling, I hope somewhere in there might be the answer to your question! :dizzy: - Shelley
Re: RSD Spread?
Mar 30, 2004
:wave: BOBBYJ, HELLO, I have full body RSD, left leg, and the bilateral brachial plexus, arms, shoulders, spine, and so far only brain stem invovement of my brain. I guess if the RSD spreads to the cortex of my brain my RSD will become worse. How my doctor knows its only in the brainstem, is because thats where my severe headaches hit and I can't really do anything when I get severe pain.

My first place of rsd is my left knee, my knee and thigh are swollen and burn, and I have flexion contracture at my knee, so I walk with a cane. My feet and hands and lower arms are usually ice cold. I can't stand anyone touching me in my left leg or left arm..

Every body acts differently to RSD....Hope this helps, its very common for rsd to spread,,,

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