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Re: Medication
Apr 1, 2004
Hello Mamu, Sorry to hear about all the difficulties with your husband. Its sad because thats how rsd patients are treated, going from doctor to doctor wanting answers and a diagnosis, then by the time a rsd diagnosis is made, its too late to put the rsd in remission. I went to over 13 doctors in over 1 year to find out what was wrong with me, I finally have 2 great doctors who diagnosed the rsd and are trying to help me. Thats the cycle though. Blocks don't always work because the doctor may of hit the wrong spot in the spinal cord. Too much time may have passed for that type of block to work.

Look up Rsd doctors on the internet in your state, alot of times a good doctor will come up and you may have to wait for an appointment but its worth it.

Just be careful getting pain meds from 2 doctors because typically a patient cannot get pain meds from 2 different doctors for the same problem, thats considered doctor jumping. I'm not trying to scare you but make sure you let each doctor know what the other doctor is giving you.

My meds are zanaflex(muscle relaxer), ketamine gel(thats helps numb the area), nortriptyline(help sleep at night), neurontin(this helps the nerves), and I take dextromethorphan(desentizes the nervous system).

I don't take any narcotics because for me they really don't touch my pain.

I would maybe still get a 2nd orthropedic opinion on that knee, it still seems to be your husband's body my not like the material the knee is made from, and it is having a allergic reaction. I would try to rule everything out.

Also ask your doctor to order a qst test that may help show rsd..

Your in my thought :)

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