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Hi Jeannine,
Welcome. I have left wrist and hand RSD. I was in a cast for three months following 2 wrist reconstruction surgeries. I kept telling my doctor that I was in a lot of pain and the swelling was out of control and I couldn't move my fingers, yadayada, and he kept downplaying it, so I really know how you feel.

You've gotten good advice from everyone. A couple things I would add is first, get out of the splint as soon as possible. The better the circulation and the more natural movements you can do with your hand the better chance of getting the RSD into remission. Talk to your PT about this. Find out if you can start removing it while watching TV and quiet activities until you have it off. We got me out of my splint almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule once we found out I had RSD. We used a couple of transitional splints that were less and less restrictive along the way.

Next, is your PT doing techniques geared toward treating the RSD? Once my PT discovered I had RSD she totally changed everything to treat the RSD first and foremost. RSD treatment is entirely different.

Finally, lortabs are like candy when dealing with RSD. Narcotic drugs do very little do treat neuropathic pain. I'm sure your pain management doc will start you on appropriate drugs for the RSD. Don't feel like a wimp when you still hurt even though you're taking the lortabs. I'm not surprised at all. And don't be shocked if your PMD eases you onto two, three or even four drugs. That is not unusual as they all work together from different systemic approaches to treat the various aspects of this disorder, including the emotional, depressive part.

I hope you're having a great Easter holiday.

Best wishes,

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