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Re: Spreading?????
May 2, 2004
Hi Forever angel. I hope you don't have spread either. I know it's scarey, I just had my RSD spread from my left hand and wrist to my right hand and arm, including my shoulder. That doc was right in telling you to go back to your pain managment doc (I think so anyway). Is burning the only symptom you're having in your foot?

I agree with Julie too (seems to be a pattern starting here :) ), she always gives good advice. I'd try the warm water/epson salt soaks to see if they help. Do you have Lidoderm patches? Are there any tests they can do to see if it is tarsal tunnel syndrome like there is for carpal tunnel syndrome? Did she do them or is she just guessing? (you said she told you that you probably have it). I'll keep praying for you that it is not spread or an entrapment or anything that requires surgery.

Please keep us posted.

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