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Well, I was unable to get my block today as I was running a temperature. I am not sure why I am running a temperature. I don't feel any worse today than I did a couple of weeks ago. It has be rescheduled for next week. I am going to take my temp this next week and see if I continue to run a temp.

I had a blood test a couple of months ago, and I had a high rheumatoid factor test indicating that I might have rheumatoid arthritis. I have an appointment with a rheumatoidologist in June. It took me close to three months to get into him. As if I don't have enough problems we might throw rheumatoid arthritis in with RSD. I have heard that arthritis can cause you to run a temp.


The only symptoms I am experiencing are the burning which started out in front of my ear is now on my outer ear and behind it. It seems like it has spread to me. I also have problems with ringing and buzzing in my ear. It is sensitive to loud sounds at times. I don't have any sweating yet. At times, activities like the blowing wind, blow dryers and washing my hair seem to trigger more intense burning. My ear is not swollen yet. I have days when my ear seems to bother me worse than other days. My ear does not seem to bother me when I first wake up. It usually takes a couple of hours before it kicks in. It seems worse later in the evening, but I am not sure if that is because my medication is wearing off. I am taking Neurontin and Keppra.

To everyone, thanks for welcoming me to the board.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing flushing due to your treatment. I hope it subsides soon. I have no experience with steroids, because none of my treatment has included that regimen. I hope someone else will offer some suggestions to you.

I am only seeing a neurologist right now. My pain management doctor dismissed me last Thursday. I guess I did not respond well to the nerve block, so he does not think my pain is sympathetically maintained. He told me he has no other treatment options to offer me. I am confused as I thought pain managment doctors helped you when no one else can help you. I was so stunned I almost started crying.

The only treatment I am on is Neurontin 300 mg three capsules four times a day and Keppra 500 mg two caplets twice a day. I have some Ultracet to take as needed. I don't take them too often, but I probably will start taking them more often as I am about worn out with this pain. The Neurontin and Keppra help with the pain, but I still have pain all the time. I am never pain free. Is this what you also experience-continued pain? My pain is just at different levels during the day.

I have been home five years raising a family and now that I want to go back to work I feel unable to due to pain. Are you able to work? I wonder what other people are able to do when they are in constant pain. I am about at the point of just forgetting ever working again and hoping that my husband can continue to work and support both of us. I don't know what else to do.

I am thinking of going to Mayo Clinic later this year if my situation does not improve despite my pain managment doctor telling me if he couldn't figure it out he doubted they could. No one is giving me any hope of my situation improving. It is discouraging.
Hi Mirn,

I am sorry to hear you are not experiencing much relief with your new treatment. I am basically in the same boat. I am continuing to take the high dose of Neurontin and Keppra for my pain.

I did not learn much from my trip to Mayo in regards to new treatment. Mayo's opinion was that my pain is a result of my surgery. I have nerve damage as a result of the surgery. I did not get the feeling from them that it was RSD. I thought too that maybe my surgery was not done correctly, but it looks okay to the doctor's at Mayo. Mayo did not think I should take any different type of medication.

Right now my only hope is that maybe my nerve will heal, but it has been 19 months and I think chances are slim.

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know. We both are in a bad situation.

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