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Well, I was unable to get my block today as I was running a temperature. I am not sure why I am running a temperature. I don't feel any worse today than I did a couple of weeks ago. It has be rescheduled for next week. I am going to take my temp this next week and see if I continue to run a temp.

I had a blood test a couple of months ago, and I had a high rheumatoid factor test indicating that I might have rheumatoid arthritis. I have an appointment with a rheumatoidologist in June. It took me close to three months to get into him. As if I don't have enough problems we might throw rheumatoid arthritis in with RSD. I have heard that arthritis can cause you to run a temp.


The only symptoms I am experiencing are the burning which started out in front of my ear is now on my outer ear and behind it. It seems like it has spread to me. I also have problems with ringing and buzzing in my ear. It is sensitive to loud sounds at times. I don't have any sweating yet. At times, activities like the blowing wind, blow dryers and washing my hair seem to trigger more intense burning. My ear is not swollen yet. I have days when my ear seems to bother me worse than other days. My ear does not seem to bother me when I first wake up. It usually takes a couple of hours before it kicks in. It seems worse later in the evening, but I am not sure if that is because my medication is wearing off. I am taking Neurontin and Keppra.

To everyone, thanks for welcoming me to the board.


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