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I have not been diagnoised with rsd yet but I'm almost positive that I do have it in both hands. Mine is a w/c case and has dragged out for a year now. Had a w/c IME last friday and the neuro that performed it did show some concern regarding the pain I described in my hands, while he was looking at my right hand it turned almost black and was much colder than the left hand. I had bilateral carpel tunnel surgery last august and the pain has been unbearable since. Not the same kind of pain as before the surgery. Now my thumbs and middle finger are terrible stiff also, but the pain in just totally bad. Now my right hand has been itching and after I scratched it it became like ecema and bleeding, very dry looking and still itches. Does anyone on the board ever had this problem? Also is night sweats and day sweats a sign of RSD. I sweat totally on my entire body during the night real bad. Also if I go much longer than four or five hours without my pain medicine, I start breaking out in a very bad sweat also. I am on pain medicine for 5 herniated disc in my lower back, 2 impinging on spinal column, 3 hernicated disc in my neck, 2 impinging on spinal column, and also sciatic nerve damage. The only sympton I seem not to have is the burning. Only that that a couple of times, like when I put hand in freezer to get something out and when they get real cold past winter. Thanks for any help.
:wave: Hello cheryl:

Sorry to hear you may have rsd. w/c is not fun to deal with especially having chronic pain, the stress makes the pain so much worse.

As far as itching goes, I never had any itching and i have rsd in my left leg and both arms. I don't get any nightsweats, I am always freezing and cold to the touch.
Alot of doctors will tend to blame everything on RSD. Any time I have a new health problem arise, I always go to the doctor and will make them look for what it causing the problem. I don't accept, lets blame everything on RSD.
Itching could be coming from something else, dry skin, fungas, decreased kidney function. I am not a doctor but i would probably go the family doctor and ask what he thinks the itching is from and what treatment or tests to do.
I don't know how old you are, but menopause or hormone changes can cause nightsweats. Even thryroid problems can cause this. There are so many things to take into consideration. You want to have a doctor will look beyond the blame rsd, and see if you have other health issues that can be treated or fixed.
Hang in there. I hope the IME doctor was nice. I don't understand about the black hand though, do you have decreased blood supply to that hand.
Hi Cheryl,
I have left hand and wrist RSD and one of my big problems in the beginning and still on occasion is itching. It was HORRIBLE the first few months. I soon discovered that itching my hand made it worse. Try to tough it out and soak in a warm epsom bath if you need to. Even this morning my hand was itching on the palm after I held onto a bar for a few minutes. My hand would also get purplish-black, but that has gotten better since my blocks. I have never had a huge burning problem, only with bad weather, exposure to cold or heat and sometimes just randomly. Burning has not been my biggest complaint throughout my 9 months of dealing with this.

I also want to mention that my RSD was a result of wrist surgery, but the RSD was worse in my fingers and thumb than in my wrist (although I have it there, also). A bone scan clearly showed that I had RSD-like activity in my fingers. A bone scan can sometimes be a useful tool in diagnosing RSD.

I have had terrible body temperature issues. In my case my core temp. has dropped down to 96 and I'm always cold. The sympathetic nervous system controls body temp so I would not be surprised about sweating. My hand used to sweat terribly before I had the blocks, but not the rest of my body. Again, the symp. nervous system causes sweating.

It sounds like you need to pursue the idea of RSD, because if it is you need special intervention to have any chance of getting it into remission.

Wishing you the best,
Hi Cheryl

I have itching and blisters on my hand from time to time. I use kortison to control it.
I also had colourchanges the first year of this, but seldom now.
I also have the sweat problem, sometimes I can be dripping wet on half my body, only on the front head to toe and be totally dry on the backside at the same time, WEARD. This is the autonomic system in unbalance.

I am not in menopause, and at another forum there was MEN having this sweatproblem. I can freeze in the warmth and be warm in the cold, my bodys temperaturfeeling is damaged.
I have learned that with RSD everything can happen.
So if you have RSD, you are not alone, but I hope not-you seem to have alot already,
so as
Jokehakk said, it could be another problem so have a doctor to check it out.

T :wave:
Hi Cheryl. I agree that since you may or may not have RSD (you have enough other problems to deal with, so I hope you don't), you should make an appt with a PMD who specialiszes in RSD and try to get a diagnosis. I had cold burning when my RSD started, but when it spread to my right arm and hand, I didn't have burning for a while. If I would hold something cold against that arm though (like when carrying a drink), OMG it would burn!

I have night sweats, and day sweats, and temp changes in both my body and/or just in the affected limbs. I always have to ask my kids if it is hot or cold in the house because I can not tell. It'll be 80 degrees outside, and I'll be running the heater inside. It drives me nuts, and I am sick of waking up drenched in sweat. It's disgusting.

I would definitely check with a dermatologist about your itching and bleeding skin. You might have something else besides RSD that is causing that.

How did you get all of the herniated discs? It sounds like you've been through hell and back again. I hope you can find some relif soon.


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