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Mosquito bite
May 18, 2004
so i was outside watching my boyfriend and his friends play basketball yesterday evening and i got bit on my rsd elbow... omg i had no idea that suck a little thing would make it soooooooooooo much worse. i mean normally mosquito bites here in ks swell up on me and itch for a few hours, but this thing is making my elbow hurt like a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10 anytime the bite is touched, even if i just rest it on the couch. i've been lucky though and haven't had to take my hydromorphone for about 5 days for pain, so when i took one today for the bite it kicked in really strong and took care of it really well., but still i was VERY surprised at what a little freakin' bug would do my my arm! i'm so buying bug spray tomorrow!

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