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Argh! I have started this several times and my puter shuts down.
Ok.... I will deffinately get the book and read it. I thought once you signed on you were a member.. How do you become one?
They haven't told me what stage I am in. I have RSD in my hands and arms, my feet and legs and now my back and neck burn like I am on fire. (I just had a steroid injection for my neck two weeks ago then my back and neck started burning). They haven't figured out what started my RSD case. I have had bilat carpal tunnel release. I use to throw 50 pound feed sacks over my shoulders and wrestled with cattle and had numerous muscle strains. I have had numerous other surgeries. So who knows. It didn't get worse til after my CTR's were done. Of course the doc's don't want to discuss the possibility that the surgery was a deffinate cause or aggitation of this blasted disease. My GP did not have adiquate documentation so I was denied twice for my ssd and my trial will be around January. My case worker through SSD is the pits. I was crying cause the paper work was so long and asked her if I told her the answers if she could write it down for me. She got really nasty and told me "just write down what you can't do anymore." So, being a peeved off person I wrote that I can't even masturbate anymore. That caused me some problems. So I would not suggest the blunt truth to be written down.
I live in Ohio so PA is like a neighbor. :wave: Howdy neighbor!
I was so proud of myself being a single mom and raised my kids without child support. I had a small farm, a rental property and a two year old Escape paid off when this got really bad. Now, I don't even have my Escape. My kids are grown, however, so I am fortunate for them. I went and had to ask for medical assistance and it was like pulling teeth. I had to call my state representative when it was eight months and they hadn't approved or denied me. So now my spend down is $765 a month. Isn't that a hoot. Do not get sick in Ohio.
Shew, this is a lot of rambling so I do appologise for it. This is just my story and I am keeping a journal and I think just maybe I might place it in book form someday. It seems to help to do it but most days I can't.
God bless

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