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Hi Cheryl :wave:

The symptoms you describe are consistant with rheumatoid arthritis, RSD and many other problems.That's one of the tricky things about RSD, it manifests like many other disorders. The fact that you are having joint symptoms bi-laterally is a major indicator of RA.

Before my diagnoses of RSD, I was seeing a rheumatologist. I went through all the tests, X-rays, etc. My doctor told me that only 50-70% of people with RA actually test positive for it, and in the early stages there may be no evidence on x-rays. He also explained that an injury can "set RA off" in a way similar to RSD. If you are not happy with your current diagnoses, I would make an appointment with your primary care doctor, discuss the situation with him and from there he should be able to give you an appropriate referal. Getting another rheumatology consult may be in order first before seeing a pain doc. I saw you mention this is a WC case so I don't know if this would be eligiable for coverage, but if not and you can afford it I would definetly get a seond opinion. Either way your PCP should be able to guide you in the right direction.

I hope this helps. In the meantime, what treatments if any are you doing right now? Do they have you on any DMARDS like plaquenil or methotrexate? How is the pain being treated? Whether this is RSD or RA, keeping your affected limbs moving is important. Try soaking your hands and feet in warm water and epsom salt for 10 minutes then gently stretching and doing range of motion exercises a few times a day. Keep your limbs elevated, and try using over the counter menthol pain patches then using heat over them. That really helped me before I was diagnosed.

Please keep us posted Cheryl. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Gina :)

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