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Another bite!
Jun 15, 2004
I swear I said I was going to get some bug repelant lotion or spray or something after I got bit on my RSD elbow by a mosquito.... but no... I have to procrastinate on like everything. So I was out taking care of this kitten that strayed to our house and I got bit again by a mosquito pretty much on in the same spot as last time. It wasn't too bad at first, but about 3 hours later it started itching and then the pain started to come, along with making my elbow about 10 times bigger then normal (it swelled up pretty bad). i put but itch relief lotion on, that helped a little, along with my pain meds and that helped. but then while i was sleeping i scratched the crap out of it. I woke up cause i hurt so bad mostly on my elbow, but all the way to my fingers, i had broke the skin, my elbow down to my fingers were all swollen, and i like couldn't let anything touch my arm it was that sensitive. i felt like i was in hell. :blob_fire and all because i was trying to help a kitty that was injured and felt safe at our house. this happend like 3 days ago, and just now the swelling is starting to go down, the itching and sensitivity is subsiding, the pain however is not :( i just hope it'll start to go down to a lower level, normally i'm at like a constant 5-7, with peaks during the day of 8-10, but now its like constant 9 with peaks of 12, on a scale of 1-10. and my doc just increased my hydromorphone.... which is helping a little better... but not much. but i have an appt with a new pm next week, so i'll see what he says... i hope everyone is having less pain then I am right now...
~andrea~ :wave:

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