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I need some advise!
Jun 22, 2004
I was tentatively diagnosed with RSD in my left ankle last January, symptoms were/are definetly RSD like. Orthopod wanted to rule all else out and ordered an MRI, which I had last week, finally!

MRI findings were, a complete disruption to the tibiotalar ligament, and partial disruption to the tibiocalcaneal ligament. Also, there is a small ankle effusion.

While under going MRI, leg strapped into a brace like contraption, my lower leg became extremely cold and started to ache badly, by the it time was completed my lower leg was numb, ice cold and really sore.

Here's my worries: I have never been able to keep my lower leg still, it cramps, tempurature drops, colour changes and muscles start twitching. To repair torn ligaments I will be required to be in cast one way or the other.

Has anyone out there had torn ligaments found after RSD has set in? How was it treated? Surgery or not a cast will be placed on my ankle and I am worried that, a) surgical repair will make RSD worse. b) casting will increase pain and again making RSD worse.

Are my RSD symptoms caused by the torn ligaments?

There are also many references to effusion be related to RSD, and that when it is seen on the scan that RSD is confirmed.

Does anyone know if this is true or had an MRI where effusion was seen?

I'm in a bit of a pickle, I don't know what I should do? Don't see Othopod for another 2 weeks and want to line up questions for him and have answers to his.
Well I guess that does it, between all here and articles I've found, blocks are the way to go before surgery. Thanks everyone this will definetly be what I will inquire about at Orthopod appt next week. (6 more sleeps)

I've talked to an Orthopod off the record, and surgery is going to be a for sure thing, ligaments have been damaged far too long (18 months) and will require extensive repair or replacement. Six to eight weeks perhaps in a cast to follow. Oh yeah! Will the RSD be able to handle it? Hmmmmm

Went to the Dr (GP) last week who removed me from work as they don't want the partially torn ligament to completely rip apart too. RSD flared up in Dr office, my foot, ankle and leg changed colour right before Dr's eyes. This was a huge help as I don't think she believed the symptoms I've been describing to her all this time. Neorontin dosage was increased. Now that I'm off my feet I've noticed a big difference in the type of pain I have in my ankle and lower leg, as you said Destiny, keeping it still causes cold, bone pain and immobility. At least now the ripping sensations from the partially torn ligament have decreased.

My next mountain to climb is WCB. Getting them to expedite surgery and to pay for these drugs. I'm sure this will be a battle I'll never forget.

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