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good luck with the Dr Schwartzman visit. he required us to do a weeklong lidocaine infusion, before being put on the list for ketamine infusion. we were constantly reminded of his patient load, when asking "time consuming" medical questions. we crossed the line, when we called his office to ask a question about the amount of lidocaine my wife was receiving, that didn't follow the treatment plan. she was immediately "unplugged" 2days early, we were once again reminded about the question/patient load "ratio", and told to forget about the ketamine infusion, because we were no longer a patient of his,,,, nice guy
-Cindy, Perhaps you could ask Dr. Hasmi about all this & let us know his thoughts. I've read much of their stuff at their website, they seem to support sympathetic blocks (but vocally against sympathectomies unless your life expectancy is <5 yrs as they've seen permanent disruption problematic-e.g. denervation supersensitivity), some antidepressants & anticonvulsants. I haven't seen them update their site in a while on newer developments like the prolonged IV ketamine cocktails that have fully resolved some cases of long standing intractable RSD (but it's a relatively new development).

Ketamine has been around since the 60s but only more recently has the application of prolonged IV (e.g. 72 hours) low dose subanesthetic & high anesthethic doses to block the NMDA receptor (implicated in the maintenance of central sensitization/chronic neuropathic pain states after healing of original injury) been tried. The main side effect of ketamine was the psychomimetic effects (derivative of PCP-a.k.a. "angel dust") & memory impairment but apparently this can be limited-blocked by careful titration &several drugs like clonidine, anticholinergics, GABAergic antiepileptics & others. I believe a controlled study is underway as the results have been so promising (but since it's generic it will be harder to fund).

I currently take for the burning pain-worse at night: Klonopin 0.5 mg 2x/late in day-(the brand for clonazepam eventhough inexpensive clonazepam seemed to have worked-one reason because Dr. Hooshmond advocated only the brand-but I may try the generic again) & clonidine 0.05 mg 2x/day for the SNS symptoms/pain. I'm not sure if the clonidine is making my extremities colder so I actually have been trying to take less.


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