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[QUOTE=gomezc]hi Skooze, our machine came with a video only, and all the protocols (a full 3 ring binder) were written by Dr Rhodes. my wife has full body rsd, and once it got above the waist, it traveled like a broken windshield through her spine and everywhere associated with each vertabre. everytime there was a bloc or any type of invasive proceedure, the rsd traveled quickly. we went to the Cleveland Clinic for a last chance spinal stimulator, but the Dr Hicks, said with her history of rsd traveling quickly, and she would get terrible lesions on her fingers when the pain was at its worst. they resembled a bad spider or posionous snake bite. all had to be surgically removed and needed skin grafts. when Dr Hicks saw the pictures of these in her file, he said the implanted stim would probably kill her with infection. so to try to answer your question about protocols, she has different ones for just about everything. pain protocols for the entire body, anxiety, withdrawals, hormone replacement therapy, sleep,. also i am the one who made the accupuncture comment, not the Dr, but he said many things are similar, and many are not. we fax in our "patient status reports" and he faxes back any changes or new protocols depending on what we report. things as simple as barometric pressure or humidity can change the protocols if these things bother you. Dr Rhodes also said he taking this part a little more hi-tech. his patients are going to be able to log in to his website and fill out their status reports online, and get all their protocols and print them out. that part should be able out everyone with a "miracle machine"[/QUOTE]

Just a quick note. Hubby went seen RSDS specialist here in Oklahoma and this doc said he didn't have rsds. He said that people CANNOT get rsds in the spinal cord!!!! Our family doc still is convinced and so are we that hubby has rsds. And your wifes DID spread to her spinal cord right???? :confused: :confused: Just giving myself some food fopr thought.........

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