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Hi it's Skooze again. Sounds like the STS machine! The FDA approved this machine in 2002 for treating chronic pain. Yes Josh you're right about the research. This machine is still in its infant stages as far as testing goes. Anyone can research this machine at This machine can only be used under a licensed practioner and if successful it may be purchased with a Dr's prescription and used under close supervision with their dr. The STS has 17 target areas. Each target area has 6 treatment options (potocols). I use the Upper Back target one cause my RSD is in my left shoulder & hand. This target area also treats shoulders, esophagus, upper stomach. their are 2 sets of lead wires of 4 per set.(Colors are are red, black, yellow white). There are also 4 different frequency levels. Mr. G sounds like your wife is using the medium frequency range,frequency 3&4, twice a day. Like I said before I'm miracle #3 in Hawaii. Miracle #1 is Tina. You can go to the rsds website & check out her story under My Stories--Tina Mohr. This is how I found out about this machine. Tina is a LMT & has had RSD for 10 years+. This machine is the only thing that has helped her, and she is licensed to use it to help other people. She told me to watch your life blossom and she thinks her RSD has gone into remission. #2 is Kathy who has had rsd 10+ years too. She has it in the lower extremity. I started a support group here 2 years ago for RSD/Work comp sufferer's. I had to split the group in 2, cause they are 2 different animals. Kathy religiously came to every meeting, on crutches. She started treatments same as Tina about 1 year ago. 3 months later Kathy could dirve alone & was off her crutches :D I was deterioating and was pretty much bed ridden. I closed my wc case because all they know is 1 word DENIED. :rolleyes: I knew this STS machine was the ticket cause 2 close friends are walking proof. I tried the machine out for 10 days, & on day 3, I slept for the first time in 4 years, before I bought one. I've only been on it for 4 1/2 months. My daily 1 hour treatment w/exercise is my routine to get better , but I at least now have some kind of a life. I too can drive now and I'm no longer bed ridden. I'm still on pain meds, and may be the rest of my life. But I accept that. There is little research done for this treating RSD sufferer's. But we are working on it 1 baby step at a time. My dr.told me that some ins. co. wanted to rent the machine for someone else cause it's the only thing that has helped another person. They don't rent the machines, but after a fight they settled on $800 a month to rent it. It costs $3000. If the insurance companies would just take their heads out of the sand, maybe RSD could be caught early enough and go into remission. But like I said before it is still in its infancy stage. I'll try anything once,as all of us have, & this I know is the answer to help manage the symptoms and pain that attacks the sypathetic nervous system--RSD> :angel: Aloha Skooze.

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